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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

D is for:

  B   C   D   E          I    K   L     N   O     Q  R     T   U   V       Y   Z

Depth  See illusion of depth
Digicut Avid term for output of Avid onto videotape (usually off-line)
Digital video/audio Recordings made using the bits & bytes that computers understand. Usually there is no loss of quality when copying (hence big copyright problems). See analogue.
Director Someone who has a vision of what the final film can be and inspires everyone:
Camera-person, Editor, Sound-mixer etc. to add their own contribution to this vision.
I have worked with many directors who match this definition, and many more who don't.
Dirt/ Dust Dust: on film positive causes black speckles, on film negative causes white sparkle on the print, on analogue tape causes drop-out (momentary loss of signal), on digital tape causes digital drop out (everything turns into big square pixels).
Dissolve Picture mix:- one shot fades in as the other fades out.
Dolby Manufacturer of various patented systems for processing sound. Originally (pre-digital) concerned with reducing tape hiss, they now concentrate on stereo and surround sound.
Dramatic Irony




Letting the audience get ahead of the characters on the screen.
 A. "Close Encounters"; 

As Richard Dreyfuss builds a model of the mountain he has seen in a vision, we notice that the tv behind him is showing a news item featuring a strikingly similar mountain - but he doesn't notice.

 B, Text book;

Q. Given the following two shots, how do you cut them together for greatest comic effect?
               1) Wide shot - man walks down street and slips on banana skin. 
               2) Close shot- banana skin, man's foot enters shot and slips

A: Start with a bit of 1 to establish the scene, followed with a bit of 2 before foot comes in to set up the joke, then back to 1 with sufficient time to relish what's going to happen before man falls over.

 C, Shakespeare;

King Lear, having lost everything including his sight, declares that he is going to throw himself off the cliff into the ocean below. But the audience can see that he is standing on a small hillock and know that what he thinks is his last heroic attempt to define his own destiny is going to end in another pathetic failure.
Drop out  See dirt.


1. Sound mix, as in; dubbing theatre, dubbing mixer, dubbing editor etc.
2. Change dialogue into a different language (see ADR).

The translation has to be done by an expert who knows how to translate the meaning with sentences of the same length, ideally producing the same sort of lip movements. Dubbing into German is hard as everything seems to take twice as long to say.

3. Copy or transfer, as in; dub from one tape to another.