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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

J is for:

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Joiner / Splicer Piece of equipment used for cutting and joining film. 

Cutting copies are joined with tape for easy unpeeling.

Magnetic stock is cut diagonally to minimise clicks on the soundtrack.

 Negs are cut with a small overlap in the frameline and joined with cement for durability. 

Jump Cut You create a jump cut if you:

1. Cut between two parts of a shot where the camera has remained static, but things or people have moved (they jump).

2. Cut within a shot or between shots where the camera has moved a small amount (everything jumps).

3. Cut between locations and the same thing or person is prominent in shot both sides of the cut (they appear to jump in time and space).

Jump cuts used to be regarded as a bad thing because they are startling and obtrusive. They are now often regarded as a good thing because they are startling and obtrusive.

They can be used to great comic effect but are becoming tiresomely trendy (see gardening programmes).