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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

W is for:

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Wet gate Wet gate print or interneg. Way of minimising surface dirt and abrasions, by printing on an optical printer that has a 'wet gate' filled with a fluid that matches the refractive index of film. Especially useful for getting the best from archive material.

Wet gate telecine Same as above except the 'wet gate' is in the telecine machine. 

Neither labs or TK houses like wet gates because, when they leak (which is often) the place stinks of noxious fumes (it's like being stuck in a dry cleaners).

W/T Wild Track; sound recorded without pictures or asynchronously to them (as when shooting fast or slow motion).


Working Title. Title till we think of something better (usually we don't).

Wow & flutter Problems with analogue sound that can be measured in terms of percentages.