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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

E is for:

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The person who edits the film and takes responsibility for post production from viewing and commenting on rushes, right thru to supervising final sound mix and approving answer print.
The BBC often call series producers 'Editors', because they started as radio broadcasters and never really understood film. So the people who actually edit the programmes have to call themselves something different like 'film editors'.
Film editor See above
Video editor See above
Picture editor See above; but really it applies to someone who selects pictures for newspapers and shouldn't be applied to people who edit sound as well as pictures. (If they force this credit on you, just send the picture EDL).
Off-line editor It's what we do, but we don't like it as a credit because it comes from a different tradition of tape off-line editors, who would often not go much beyond rough cut and leave many important decisions to the on-line.
On-line editor A tape or Avid editor who takes the auto-conform, and adds all the special effects, graphics, and other final polishes, to produce the final TX master.
Assistant editor Vital on film, where they not only make the tea, but keep track of every frame of film, liase with the labs, dubbing theatre etc, and (on documentaries) are often entrusted with track-laying. On non-linear (unless you have a feature budget) they are usually perceived as being redundant; the idea is that the Avid does all the assistants jobs (although I have not found one yet that suggests a cut before you make it, or has been programmed to say; "Look at that, he couldn't direct piss into a pot".