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    Laurence Williamson

  Laurence Williamson has many years experience of editing documentaries. He started in the industry as Simon's assistant and follows in his footsteps with a similar creative ideology and the occasional cup of tea.
    Laurence combines a wide understanding of film, with a journalist's instinct for what makes a good story. He has been voted one of the top ten UK film editors.

Contact :  07813 583735

    Paul Dosaj

     Paul Dosaj has a credits list of award winning documentaries he's edited that most editors dream of. He combines a strong narrative drive with a temperament sensitive to the characters and subjects of each film he edits.         

Contact : 07905 260130

     Alex Fry
      Alex Fry is an award winning film and documentary editor with over 15 years experience. He loves filmmaking in all its beautiful forms and appreciates the friendships and knowledge that come from each edit. He likes work that takes risks creatively and films that are committed to casting a light on something difficult or unseen. Alex has worked with some fantastic directors over the years including Penny Woolcock, Leo Regan and Elizabeth Stopford.Alex's website:  www.blinkcutslip.com

    Simon Rose     Simon Rose is a seasoned documentary editor. He learned his craft on the ground breaking documentary series  'Man Alive',  editing films for Jenny Barraclough amongst others.
     Simon is a perfectionist,  always looking for better ways of telling the story and for the perfect cut. He prefers style to emerge from content,  but always likes to experiment and he is inspirationally enthusiastic about the possibilities of editing. 

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