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      Paul Dosaj
         – film editing credits include:


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Inside the KKK tx card Inside The Ku Klux Klan


 'Channel 4 gave us the understated and excellent. There were flashes here in the Nick Broomfield/Louis Theroux tradition, but with less ego and more irony' The Times Director : Daniel Vernon
Idris on roof Mandela, My Dad and Me

Green Door Pictures

After Idris Elba played Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom, he decided to record an album with musicians from South Africa, Mali and Britain. Just as he was about to start, his father died. This feature doc follows what happened next. Director : Daniel Vernon
Teenage Tommies Teenage Tommies


Fergal Keane unearths the most powerful stories of Britain's Boy Soldiers Director : Mike Connolly
The Betrayers The Betrayers


“This fascinating, but shocking film tells the stories of people duped by people they love”    The Observer Producer : Paul Hamann
The Miraculous Tales of Mickey McGuigan


“Magnetic viewing and a cure for all your TV ills”    The Belfast Telegraph

Grierson Shortlist

Director : Daniel Vernon
Co-Producer: Paul Dosaj

HMP Aylesbury


“A terrifying portrait of the sad existence of troubled, often violent, kids in need of help they will never receive. Very disturbing”    The Observer

BAFTA and RTS Nominated
Director : Lee Phillips
Welcome to India


“Shameful for those of us who have returned from the historic cities of Rajasthan, gushing about the richness of Indian culture, this was the reality - a modern day Dickensian insight, immediate and disturbing" 
The Telegraph
Series Producer : Tom Beard
Death Row Dogs  Death Row Dogs


“Disturbing, sad but ultimately very important documentary”    The Observer Director : Jon Alwyn
Kellie - The Girl Who Played with Fire


    Director : Tom Barrow
So What If My Baby Is Born Like Me?


“You don't get a lot of moral philosophy on BBC3 but that's essentially what this was”    The Independent Director : Matt Rudge
Wonderland - The Trouble With Mother


Director: Daniel Vernon

The Poet of Baghdad - Enemy of The State

Director : Georgie Weedon
Producer: Paul Dosaj


Class of ’62 at 60    

"Beautiful and hangs about the street corners of your mind, refusing to be moved on"  The Guardian


Producer/Director: Marilyn Gaunt
 Producer/Editor Paul Dosaj

Grierson Award nominated


Honour Kills



"It's easy to make a film about the death of children that leaves the viewer outraged; this one did something harder, leaving the viewer filled with sadness"   The Independent

BAFTA Nominated

Directors: Ben Rumney and
 Juliette Murray-Topham

My Heart Belongs to Dad   BBC1

"Undoubtedly one of the best things you'll see on tv" The Observer

Grierson Award nominated

Director: Nick Poyntz
Producer/Editor Paul Dosaj 
One Life - I’m The Daddy   BBC1

"I thought I'm The Daddy was outstanding. It had a truly memorable central character and told an absorbing story"    Peter Fincham

Director: Nick Poyntz
Only Human - Bosom Buddies   C4
“Unflinching television that spans the gamut of human emotions, without becoming sentimental, maudlin or clichéd”    The Guardian Director: Alice Yglesias
Murder Blues

Murder Blues - Left for Dead

" a salutary insight into black on black gun crime in London"
 The Telegraph



Director: Ben Rumney

Living With Refugees   C4
    Directors: Claudio von Planta 
and  Simon Atkins
Lin and Ralph Lin and Ralph -  Love Story 

"Without doubt one of the best documentaries we will see on British television this year"
The Observer

  Director: Marilyn Gaunt 
Grierson Award nominated  
Dreaming Lhasa Dreaming Lhasa

Best of Festival Prize,  London
Feature film


Directors: Ritu Sarin
 and Tenzing Sonam


The Protectors   BBC
“A provocative and important film, which uses the grammar of visual concealment to great visual and psychological effect.”  The Guardian

Broadcast Award nomination

Director: Nick Poyntz



Life and Death In The War Zone

     Director: Dimitri Doganis with 
Callum Macrae
Cradle of Life    BBC
    Director: Nick Davidson

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