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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

K is for:

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Key numbers / edge numbers Numbers that are latent in film master stock; they appear when it is processed and print through to the work print. They are used by neg cutters to match the neg cut to the final cut of the work print. The numbers run down the side of the film outside the frame area and increment every foot.

Compared with timecode on tape key numbers are very sophisticated. There is no need to tell the neg cutter which rolls of neg have been used because every roll manufactured has a unique code. By changing layout, typeface etc (rather like car number plates) every foot of film manufactured by Kodak , Fuji, Gevaert etc is distinguishable. So, not only does every bit of film shot by you look different to the neg cutter, it also looks different to every other bit of film shot by anybody ever! Makes timecode look a bit sick doesn't it!