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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

O is for:

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Off-line/On-line On-line is working at transmission resolution. Off-line isn't. (See autoconform and editor)
Optical sound Method of recording that uses an analogue optical pattern of the sound on film.
Picture negs are printed with optical sound negs (down the edge) to produce combined prints.

Before the invention of magnetic recording, optical sound was the highest fidelity you could get. (The only competition was 78rpm discs).

Opticals To produce complex visual fx on film the labs have to use an optical printer, which is rather like a projector and camera combined. The result is called an optical.

E.G. To produce a ripple dissolve a piece of wavy glass is used in the optical printer.

Overlay/Overlap A transition where the sound precedes or lags behind the picture. Also known as a split edit.