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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

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Gardening programmes

(off-topic, but there aren't many g's)

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, so it's not surprising there are lots of gardening programmes. Most gardeners would say they enjoy the hobby because it's a chance to escape the noise and pressure of modern life, get back to the rhythm of the season etc. But gardening programmes are fast, noisy and brash, full of jump cuts, fancy wipes and music that you would complain about if it came thumping across the fence from next-door.                                                                   

Why the apparent contradiction?   Is it:

1. Because the directors think they can persuade teenagers that gardening is exciting?

2. Because the directors are afraid that all their colleagues will think that, as they work on gardening programmes, they must be boring old has-beens who have been put out to grass and therefore want some whiz sequences to put on their showreel in the hope that someone might give them a pop promo to direct?

Guide comm, music etc Rough (or slash) version used as a guide for timing and at viewings. Later replaced by the real thing.