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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

I is for:

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Illusion of depth The illusion can be created by the Lighting Cameraperson (by side lighting, deep focus etc). But can be shattered by the editor - transitions other than cuts tend to remind the audience that they are looking at a 2D image, especially those ADO page-turns beloved of on-line editors in the seventies.
In-camera fx Many special fx are more effective and cheaper done at the shooting stage, rather than in post-production - others are not. Ask first.

True Story (told to me by a film cameraman):    He was filming away, when the director leant over and whispered in his ear "OK, ready, steady, freeze-frame!"

Intercut See parallel action A bit like the old one-two in football it's a useful device that creates its own cutaways.
Ink numbers See rubber numbers
Irony In editing it's hard to make work, but keep trying!

"This is meant to be viewed ironically" is usually an excuse.

According to the producers' manual America is an irony-free zone. Don't believe it (have they seen The Simpsons?)

See also Dramatic Irony