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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

L is for:

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Layback After the sound track has been mixed in a dubbing theatre, it has to be laid back onto the master picture videotape.
Lightworks One of the original non-linear editing systems and developed in Britain. Its interface was cleverly designed to make editors familiar with film feel comfortable with a transition to computer based editing.
A clever idea, but one that was doomed to be less appealing in the long term as 'film' editors were replaced with tape off-line and computer literate editors.  It has not been updated as often as Avid, but still has some fans.
Line-up tone Sound tone on front of tape, used to check that heads, amplifier etc are set up correctly.
Linear editing See non-linear
Loop A few years ago, the usual way to get a piece of film or tape to repeat itself was to make a loop, that went round and round until it finally wore itself out. Short lengths of 'atmos track' would be looped, so that every scene had an atmosphere that could be used in the dubbing theatre. In these digital days, the same result can be obtained better and quicker by sampling.

See also ADR.