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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

T is for:

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Think speech/ Thought track Sometimes just used as another name for voice-over. But more precisely it's supposed to be what a character is thinking at that moment, rather than in general.

 The traditional convention is to see a close-up of someone clearly not speaking, while hearing their voice (close-miked). The logic is;  as they are not saying it they must be thinking it!

Timing .... is everything.
TK / Telecine A machine that turns film into video. They used to be used to transmit films live. But now almost everything is copied onto videotape first. They usually come with a sophisticated colour correction package and various other bolt on goodies.
Transcripts Typed out copies of interviews, dialogue etc.
Transitions There seems to be a rule that the bigger the budget, the simpler the transitions:

Star Wars - 99% cuts.

Wedding Video - 1% cuts, 99% every wipe that's on the vision mixer.

Transcripts Typed out copies of interviews, dialogue etc.
Transfers Copies or dubs.
TX Transmission