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Simon Rose's 
Editing Glossary.

N is for:

  B   C   D   E          I    K   L     N   O     Q  R     T   U   V       Y   Z

Narration Also known as commentary or voice over (although v/o more usually applies to voices from interview or dialogue used over other pictures).

The Avid manual uses the term 'announcer' - surely not?

Noddy Reaction shot of person listening.

It is said that news film editors used to get round jump cuts in interviews in the following fashion:  

1. Reach for a roll of the reporter nodding.  
2. Measure off a yard (nose to thumb) about two seconds in 35mm.
3. Splice it over jump-cut.

Non-linear editing As opposed to tape editing, where you have to work your way through from head to tail (that's linear), computers allow you to cut, paste and delete (that's non-linear).

Editing on film is non-linear too.