Paul Dosaj film editing credits

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Living On The Edge ITV

"This superb film is how social documentaries should be made"  
 Sunday Telegraph

Silver Globe Award, World Media Festival

Director Marilyn Gaunt
Frontline - Campaign Against Terror WGBH
  Directors Greg Barker and Mark Anderson
Justice For My Daughter ITV
  Director Chris Oxley
Frontline - Dangerous Straits Granada/ WGBH
  Director Chris Oxley
I Was A Great Train Robber ITV
                      I Was A Great Train Robber Director Chris Oxley
Kelly and Her Sisters ITV

BAFTA Flaherty Award, Grierson Award,
 Broadcast and RTS Best Documentary Awards

Director Marilyn Gaunt
Danger! Unexploded  Bomb C4
                                                              Danger - Unexploded bomb  

"Utterly compelling" - Financial Times

Grierson Award nominated, 
Silver Screen Award US International Film and Video Festival

Director Geoffrey Smith
The Real LAPD Sony Feature pilot
  Director Wayne Derrick
Cutting Edge - Missing, Presumed Murdered C4

"Powerful, unsensationalist account of a still troubling case".  Financial Times

Director Chris Oxley
Three's a Crowd ITV
  Director Marilyn Gaunt
The Life Saver ITV

"An excellent documentary from Carlton". Evening Standard

Director Geoffrey Smith
Sleaze C4
  Director Leonie Jameson
Warhorse A+E

Four part series

Director Geoff Dunlop
Rough Ride  
  Director  Paul Dosaj

Vile Bodies - Naked

Vile Bodies - Naked



BAFTA and Prix Italia nominated



Director Edmund Coulthard



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