Simon Rose film editing credits

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Cutting Edge - Who Sank the Pescado?

Windfall Films/C4

Did a navy submarine sink a trawler?

Dir Simon Campbell-Jones

     TX card True Stories

True Stories - Wanted : Butch and Sundance

Windfall Films/C4/WGBH

70 minutes, no commentary about
 the search for the outlaws bones 

Dir David Dugan

JM Equinox - Moving Pictures
Jonathan Miller on the magic of cinema

Uden Associates/C4


Dir Michael Proudfoot

Horizon - Making an honest fiver /
       Nova - Making a dishonest buck

Windfall Films/C4/WGBH

Bank note designers versus forgers.
 Simon also  directed some sequences

Dir Ian Duncan


Adois General TX card     

Under the Sun - Adios General


the demise of Pinochet as seen by the residents of a shanty town

Dir Judy Jackson

Roger McGough Equinox - Roger McGough is The Elements

Chemistry as poetry>

"The programme itself is pure Au, that's gold."
 The Mail On Sunday

Windfall Films/C4

Dir Ian Duncan

Aids Now - City in Crisis

Ed Goldwyn Associates/C4

New York in the eighties

Dir David Dugan

The Stars                  The Stars TX card            

Moving Picture Company/C4

3 of 6, Heather Couper on the Universe

Dir Stuart Carter


Edge of Life


3 sixty minuters on the ethics of keeping very premature babies alive

Dir Steven Rose

Stephen Hawking Horizon - Professor Hawking's Universe

The first and, probably, best film about Stephen Hawking



Dir Fisher Dilke

Q.E.D. - Simon's War


70 minute special without commentary.
The first film about Falklands casualty, Simon Weston

Dir Steven Rose

Omnibus - Lawrence Durrell's Greece


the writer returns to his roots. BAFTA nominated

Dir Peter Adam

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