Laurence Williamson film editing credits

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An Objectum Sexual

Married to The Eiffel Tower
Examines the little known phenomenon of Objectum Sexuals - women who have relationships only with objects, like The Eiffel Tower and The Berlin Wall...


Filmed and Directed by
 Agnieszka Piotrowska

"Beautifully shot and fascinating - the film has reminded me why I like watching television."  The Observer

Cutting Edge 
     - Bus Pass Workaholics

A  look at Britain's 1.2 million pensioner workforce finding humour and sadness in their stories  

C4/Silver River

Filmed and Directed
by Hannah Berryman

South Africa Into The Big Wide World

Following a project in south London trying to give a better chance in life to teenagers leaving the care system.


Filmed and Directed by
 Jessie Versluys


"It's heartening to see a film that painstakingly avoids mawkishness and exploitation, instead we get to understand the quartet's hopes and fears."
The Mail On Sunday

Jamie Oliver

Jamie's Chef

Jamie Oliver gives one of his trainees the chance to run their own business. 
4 x 50mins. (Final edit of 1+2, edit of 3 and pre-edit of 4)

C4/Fresh One

Directors: Kim Maddever,
 Paddy Wivell


"It is shaped with loving care. If it were a sculpture it would be a Henry Moore.  If it were a steak it wouldn't have an ounce of fat on it.  Each scene whizzes by  and each character zings off the screen."   Radio Times 

Petero before surgery

Extraordinary People - 
The Boy With A New Head

Following 13 year old Petero from rural Uganda to Dallas for dramatic surgery

C5/At It Productions


Filmed and Directed
 by Alex Berk

Shortlisted 2007 Grierson Awards  
Hannah Glasse Hannah Glasse -
   The First Domestic

Clarissa Dickson-Wright  presents a  drama documentary about the Georgian author. 

BBC4/Optomen Television


Directed by
 Diene Petterle


 Nominated 2007 Glenfiddich Award


The code Who Got Diana Dors' Millions?

A code cracking thriller biography

"The tense atmosphere of a sleuth movie" Evening Standard



Directed by Isabel Tang


2004  RTS Award (North West)
Best Factual Entertainment Programme
The Stirling Prize 2007   C4/Talkback Thames

Kevin McCloud tours Europe looking at the buildings
 shortlisted for the big prize in architecture.

Directed by
 Ned Williams

Tristram Hunt The British Middle Class

Tristram Hunt explores the origins of middle class values.

C4/ Blakeway Productions

Directed by Peter Nicholson

The Baby Race  

C4/ Hart Ryan Productions

1 of 3 ob docs following would be mums without men.

Directed by Diana Hill

John Curry The Real John Curry

Bio of the Olympic ice skater and Britain's first openly gay sportsman.

 "Beautifully edited" Head of Documentaries


Directed by Ralph Lee

2003 RTS Award Best Sports Documentary
2003 RTS Award (North West) Best Sports Programme 

Brit School  


6 0f 10 films following the lives of children
at the performing arts school in south London.

Producer: Ken McGill

15 team by C4 poster Fifteen

2 of 3 films about fifteen year
 olds in south London

Oliver Morse, Daisy Asquith, Simon Rose, Nichola Koratjitis and Laurence Williamson by C4 poster


Cam/Director: Daisy Asquith
Exec Producer: Oliver Morse

2000 RTS Award Best documentary series
2000 BAFTA nominated Best documentary series
Teen nudists Diary of a Teenage Nudist

Exploring the funny
  but murky world of nudism.

"Thought provoking" The Times



Filmed and Directed by Alex Berk

Hard at work New Servants

1 of 3 films about new servants and services for people with more money than time.

BBC2/Talkback Thames

Filmed and Directed
 by Hannah Berryman

The Au Pair Cutting Edge -  Sleeping with the Au Pair

The damage caused by falling for  the au pair

C4/Twenty Twenty


Filmed and Directed
 by Hannah Berryman


Black Death The World's Worst Century  -  The Black Death 

"A gripping horror documentary" Daily Express    



Directed by Peter Nicholson

Ruby Wax Ruby Does The Business

Ruby Wax on how to make a quick million bucks in the Chrysalis music empire

BBC3/Princess Productions

Directed by Michael Jochnowitz

The Decision The Decision

2 of 3 films about children 
and social services.

"A stunning document
 of our times" 
 Evening Standard


Daisy Asquith,
 Nichola Koratjitis
Executive Producer:
 Oliver Morse

1999 RTS Award Best documentary series  

Who Rules The Roost?


1 of 8 in new series about working parents trying
full time childcare.
Shown as first episode 
in BBC2 re-run. 

BBC3/Ricochet Digital


Directed by Francine Shaw


Living The Dream - Cabbies on Safari


From zebra crossings to zebras crossing



Producer: Nicola Gibson

The Diagnosis  


Co-editor with Simon Rose of three films following 
junior doctors under pressure in A+E. 

Producers: Emma Bowman,
      Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones

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