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Simon Rose film editing credits include:

Sons of Cuba  

A feature length documentary set in the Havana boxing academy where 12 year olds are moulded into future Olympic champions.
"Knockout editing" - Indiewire
"Precision cutting" Variety
"A delicate balance of drama, politics and entertainment"
The Hollywood Reporter.

Directed and Produced by Andy Lang
Louis Theroux - Extreme Love - Dementia BBC 2
How sufferers and their carers cope.
"A poignant piece of television that made Louis Theroux's previous work seem almost frivolous" The Daily Telegraph
Filmed and Directed by
Daniel Child
You're Not Splitting Up My Family. Windfall Films/C4

Filmed over ten years, this is the story of the Cox twins and social services.
2007 RTS Award Best Observational Documentary

"Extraordinary and absolutely outstanding, a prime example
  of what documentary could and should do"   RTS Jury

Filmed and Produced by Nichola Koratjitis
On Tour with The Queen Lion TV/C4

The Queens 1954 tour of The Commonwealth (1 of 3)

Directed and Produced
by Riete Oord
Cutting Edge - Good Will Hunting Two Four Productions/C4

Finding the relatives of people who died intestate

Directed and Produced
by Katinka Newman
First Cut - Tombstone Kids Double Act/C4

The teenage sport of jumping off cliffs

Dir. Eddie Stobbard
Prod. Rob Davies
One Life - River Cops BBC 1

Police on the Thames - which became a BBC 1 series

Directed and Produced
by Sarah Hardy
Only Human - Can't Stop Eating Love Productions/C4
Two people fighting Prader Willi syndrome Dir: David Dehaney
My New Home Ricochet/C4
A five year project that followed three immigrant children
 as they grow up in Britain

"Humane, uplifting and just plain all round wonderful" The Times

Dir: Daisy Asquith
I Killed John Lennon Prime Productions/C4
Drama doc based on the words of Mark Chapman Dir: Chris Wilson
Underworld Britain - The Artworld Dodger

Blast Films/BBC2

Michael Van Rijn reveals dodgy dealings in the art world

Dir: Ben Anthony

Underworld Britain - Chelsea Girl Blast Films/BBC2

A single mum at the sharp end of credit card fraud

Dir: Ben Anthony
One Life - Reg versus Blair


Reg Keys takes on Tony Blair in General Election Prod. and filmed by Rob Davies and Alistair Cook
A Murder in the Family Granada / ITV 1
An Englishwoman's fight to prove that her son
was murdered by his Filipino wife
"Deeply disturbing and compelling" The Guardian
Dir: Katinka Newman
Living The Dream - Goan Bonkers


A couple from Manchester set up a bar in Goa.

Dir: David Goodale

Men of Iron

Windfall Films/C4

A semi dramatised documentary about Brunel and his ships

Dir: Rob Hartell


An independent feature documentary about
merchant seamen in Rotterdam
 Has had several cinema screenings

Jason Massot
Marrying a Stranger

Windfall Films/C4

 arranged marriage between East End lad and Pakistani girl

Dir/cam Daisy Asquith

Inside Clouds


2 of 4 sixty minute observational films in a drugs and alcohol addiction treatment centre

Dir/cam Gabe Solomon
and Simon Davis

Cannibal - The Real Hannibal Lecters


Mass murderers who ate human flesh.
"more thoughtful than expected" The Observer

Dir Katherine English

Fifteen - The Love Game

Windfall Films/C4

Teenagers in Brixton fall in and out of love.
The series won RTS best doc of 2001 and was BAFTA nominated

Dir/cam Nichola Koratjitis

Escape from Colditz - Eureka

Windfall Films/C4

WW2 escape by glider. Part dramatised.

Dir Adam and Melissa English

Modern Times - Bookies never lose


Life on the rails as told by bookie Barry Dennis
"a pearl of a documentary" The Independent

Dir Robert Davies

The Decision - Dodger

Windfall Films/C4

 A twocker and mum against social services. 
Series won RTS best doc of 2000.
Dir/cam Daisy Asquith
Encounters - Thieves of Time Cunliffe and Franklin

dinosaur fossil poachers chased by small town cop

Dir Jane-Marie Franklin
Equinox - The Real Jurassic Park Windfall Films/

fiction meets fact. Editor and Associate Producer credits.

Dir David Dugan
Horizon - The man who made up his mind  BBC

the brain/mind theory of Gerald Edelman

Dir David Sington
The Decision 

Windfall Films/C4

2 of 4 in series about medical decisions from patients view Dir Robert Davies
Cutting Edge - Who Sank the Pescado?

Windfall Films/C4

Did a naval submarine sink a trawler?

Dir Simon Campbell-Jones

Horizon - Red Star in Orbit /
                Nova - The Russian Right Stuff

Windfall Films/

Emmy winning 3 part series about cosmonauts. 

Dir David Dugan

True Stories - Wanted : Butch and Sundance

Windfall Films/

70 minutes, no commentary about the search for the outlaws bones 

Dir David Dugan

Equinox - Moving Pictures

Uden Associates/C4

Jonathan Miller on the magic of cinema 

Dir Michael Proudfoot

Horizon - Making an honest fiver /
                    Nova - Making a dishonest buck 

Windfall Films/

Bank note designers versus forgers. 
Simon also directed some sequences

Dir Ian Duncan

Short Stories - One of those days

Uden Associates/C4

Rich boy racers, no commentary

Dir Susanna White

Under the Sun - Adios General


the demise of Pinochet seen from a shanty town

Dir Judy Jackson

Equinox - Roger McGough is The Elements

Windfall Films/C4

chemistry as poetry

Dir Ian Duncan

Aids Now - City in Crisis

Ed Goldwyn Associates/C4

New York in the eighties

Dir David Dugan

The Stars

Moving Picture Company/C4

3 of 6, Heather Couper on the Universe

Dir Stuart Carter

Edge of Life


3 sixty minuters on the ethics of keeping very premature babies alive

Dir Steven Rose

Horizon - Professor Hawking's Universe


the first and, probably, best film about Stephen Hawking

Dir Fisher Dilke

Q.E.D. - Simon's War


70 minute special without commentary. 
The first film about Falklands casualty, Simon Weston

Dir Steven Rose

Omnibus - Lawrence Durrell's Greece


the writer returns to his roots. BAFTA nominated

Dir Peter Adam

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