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    Painting by William Roberts                    

Some local history

         Vorticists at the Tour Eiffel
     painted by William Roberts RA

Charlotte Street was built in the mid 18th Century.  At the end of the 18th Century,  No 1 Charlotte Street was home to Peter Violet, a painter of miniatures who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1790 and 1819.

Opposite 1 Charlotte Street is 1 Percy Street, now the Bam-Bou Restaurant. It was originally a restaurant and hotel called the Tour Eiffel.  In 1914, Percy Wyndham Lewis and Ezra Pound formed the Vorticist movement here, launching their magazine 'Blast'.  The Vorticists were an English avant-garde art movement sharing some of the views of the cubists and futurists of France and Italy.

Wyndham Lewis lived at 4 Percy Street and, in the 1930's, at 31 Percy Street.  28 Percy Street was the London base for Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant during the late 1950's.

The Wheatsheaf pub is in Rathbone Place and it was here that Dylan Thomas was introduced to Caitlin MacNamara by Augustus John in April 1936. They spent the following week together in Augustus John's room at the Tour Eiffel.

The Fitzroy Tavern is on the corner of Charlotte Street and Windmill Street. Regulars in the past included    Augustus John, Dylan Thomas, Cyril Connolly and George Orwell.

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